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Isfahan tops the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, an ancient city in the center Iran is located this year from 4/13/01 to 4/13/13 (21June 2020 -26 June 2020) Twelfth International Industry Fair Tourism and handicrafts depend on this beautiful city that symbolizes prosperity and prosperity Iran’s tourism land is to be held.

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The 11th International Exhibition of Tourism and Handicrafts of Isfahan 2018

This exhibition was held in the year 2018 (the last period before the corona pandemic) at the former exhibition site of Isfahan on the 28th date of June 31, 2018. This exhibition was opened by the Honorable Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs also visited this exhibition. The presence of ambassadors and representatives of the adopted sister cities of Asqah from 13 countries, the presence of business delegations from Russia and Germany, and the holding of 28 side events were among the most important indicators of this exhibition.
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  2. After completing, send via WhatsApp to 00989134085890 or to
  3. We will contact you and after registering the booth and depositing the registration fee, it will be completed.
  4. Visit the reference site of Isfahan International Exhibition at and enter the registration form and name of the exhibitors.
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Conference speakers

Ali GhasemZadeh

The mayor of Isfahan

Ahmad Reza Tahanian

CEO of Isfahan Exhibitions Company  

Reza Mortazavi

Governor of Isfahan

Golshirazi Engineer

Chairman of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Mining and Agriculture Industries

Alireza Izadi

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Industries of Isfahan

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Secretariat of the Conference / public relations

Kian Fartak Hasti Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kafel Economic Group, the executor of Isfahan IITE International Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition.

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